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If your hearing devices are not staying paired to your phone, calls are dropping, the sound is only streaming to one ear, or the devices are no longer streaming to your phone, try the following steps:

1   Check to make sure that the Bluetooth on your phone is on.  This is found under the         Settings menu on your phone.

2   Turn your phone off and turn it back on again.  If your phone has a reset option, do           not use it.  Turn the phone completely off, then manually restart the phone.

3   Try unpairing and re-pairing the devices to your phone. 

     Click on the Android or Apple instructions listed under the brand of your hearing

     devices below for pairing instructions.

     Note: If you have TruHearing branded devices, use the Signia instructions.

4   Check to make sure that your phone's Operating System is up-to-date.

5   Your devices may need a firmware update.  Firmware updates must be done in

     office by an audiologist.  Call to make an appointment for service.         

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Android Pairing Instructions

iPhone Pairing Instructions


Need help with your bluetooth connection? 

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