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Oticon Bluetooth & Phone Streaming

If your hearing devices are not staying paired to your phone, calls are dropping, the sound is only streaming to one ear

or the devices are no longer streaming to your phone, try the following steps:

1   Check to see if your hearing aid firmware is up-to-date. Your hearing aids are prescription hearing aids and therefore firmware updates must be done by an audiologist in the office when necessary. This is a good reason to schedule an appointment with your audiologist at least once every 6 months.

Open the Oticon Companion app. If you do not have the Oticon Companion on your phone, call to make an appointment with you audiologist, or try Steps 2 - 5 below. 


Select Hearing aids from the bottom menu


Select Hearing aid updates. If your hearing aid firmware is up-to-date, go to Step 2. If you hearing aids firmware is not up-to-date, call to make an appointment with your audiologist for a firmware update. We will update the firmware and determine whether or not Steps 2 - 5 are necessary.


2   Check to make sure that the Bluetooth on your phone is on.  This is found under the Settings menu on your phone.

3   Turn your phone off and turn it back on again.  Do not use the Reset option if your phone has one. Turn the phone completely off, then turn it back on again.

4   Check to make sure that your phone's Operating System is up-to-date.

For iPhone Users:

Oticon hearing aids are Made for iPhone devices so it is important that your iPhone's iOS is always up-to-date.

1   Go to Settings

2   Go to General

3   Go to Software Update

4   Download and install the update if it is not the latest.

     Note: The screen shows the currently installed version of iOS and whether an update is available. 

For Android Users:

1   Open your device's Settings app

2   Tap System  Software update. You'll find your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.

     Note: If you have a Pixel device, it may say "Software updates."

5   Unpair and re-pair the devices to your phone. 

For iPhone Users, go here to learn more.

For Android Users, go here to learn more.


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