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How to Stream using ROKU's Private Listening Mode

How to Stream to Your Hearing aids using ROKU's Private Listening Mode

There are so many amazing things that you can do with hearing aids, including direct audio streaming. If you have a ROKU Express or later and the ROKU - Official Remote Control app, you can use the Private Listening Mode to stream directly to your Made for iPhone or bluetooth compatible hearing aids. Before you use this function, be aware that when you are using Private Listening Mode with your hearing aids, you will be the only one who will be able to hear the audio because the audio will be sent directly to the hearing aids. When you're streaming, think of your hearing aids as bluetooth headphones. If you're the one wearing the headphones, only you can hear the sound. If you want to watch TV with others and need to share the sound, a TV streamer or connector would be a better option.

Several brands and models of hearing aids support direct audio streaming including but not limited to:







Set Up

  1. Pair your hearing aids with your iPhone or Android device. You audiologist has likely already done this for you. See your instruction manual or the online tutorials for pairing your devices.

  2. Download and install the ROKU - Official Remote Control app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  3. Pair your ROKU device with the App.

Using Private Listening Mode

Once you have everything paired, go to the ROKU - Official Remote Control app and select what you'd like to watch using the remote app. In the app, press the headphones button (pictured left). The audio should now be streaming through your hearing aids. Adjust the volume on the side of your phone or in the app as needed.


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