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myPhonak 6.4.1 update is released for iOS and Android

Phonak eSolutions Update

Phonak has released version 6.4.1 of the myPhonak app. This will become available over the next 48 hours from the Google Play and Apple App stores. You may receive the update automatically if your app store is set for automatic updates.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug on iOS that caused crashes of the app since February 2023

  • Fixed bug on Android which allowed the end user to reach the home screen without having to accept the Privacy Notice right after the app update from 6.3.0 to 6.4.0 (edge case)

Phonak has also identified two pairing issues that are present in this version of the app as well as the previous version.

  • Google Pixel phones (4a and newer with the March security update or later) – only one hearing aid pairs with the myPhonak or myPhonak Junior app.

    • There is a workaround detailed on the Phonak Support website.

    • Google is aware of the issue and is planning to address it in the next version of Android 14. Phonak is also investigating solutions to mitigate this issue via the app but this is still in development.

  • iPhones – Pairing works normally in most cases; however, if a user removes the LE_R-Phonak Hearing Aid & LE_L-Phonak Hearing Aid pairings from their system Bluetooth menu, then attempts to re-pair to the myPhonak app, the pairing will only connect to one hearing aid.

    • The workaround is to re-install the myPhonak app after the “LE_” pairings have been removed. Then re-pairing should work normally.


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