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Oticon Compatibility Updates - Apple iOS 16 and Android 13

New operating system release from Apple and the Rollout of Android™ 13

There are some exciting new operating systems for phones that were just released. Apple iOS 16 for iPhone was released on 09/12/2022 and Android 13 was rolled out on 08/15/2022. In an email to providers on 09/14/2022, Oticon stated that they are currently in the process of testing to confirm the functionality of their hearing aids with these new releases and recommends Oticon users not update their operating systems until they have completed their testing. Stay tuned for their announcement regarding the stability of their products with iOS 16 and Android 13 and their recommendations on updating.

Android 13 has also been released. We are in the process of testing to ensure the compatibility of our hearing aids with this release and will provide additional guidance soon. If possible, we recommend having your patients hold off on upgrading to Android 13 while we confirm compatibility.


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