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Updates to the myPhonak app

Good news! The myPhonak app has been updated to version 6.2 with new features, fixes, and requested changes. Here's what is included in the update:

Simplified home screen

  • The remote control now fills the entire home screen

  • The mute button has been changed to indicate what will happen when it is pressed (the muted/unmuted icons have been flipped compared to the previous app release)

Support for new hearing devices

  • Keep an eye out for Phonak’s big launch announcement this week

Improved registration screen

  • Three clear options to create account*, login*, or continue without account

*Reminder an account is optional and only needed to access Health features

Bluetooth settings screen

  • Added “adaptive” and “fixed” bandwidth text to match language in Phonak Target

Account registration process improvement

  • The user is shown their auto-selected country instead of having to scroll through the list of countries

  • Password requirements are updated and more clearly defined

Health features changes

  • Improved update frequency of the wearing time graphs

  • Improved heart rate indicators for Phonak Audéo Fit devices

Additional changes

  • Updated Privacy Notice

  • Bug fixes

Known issues

  • When updating from the old myPhonak app (version 4.0.6 or earlier) to the newly designed myPhonak 6.1 some users lost pairing between their app and hearing aids forcing them to re-pair. This was not intended. Users updating from the recent myPhonak 6.1 to myPhonak 6.2 are not expected to lose their pairing. However, if users are still on version 4.0.6 it is possible they could lose pairing when updating to version 6.2.

Known requests

  • Mentions of Remote Support in the app do not make it clear that an appointment is required.

    • Status: Language improvements planned for future app update

  • CROS app compatibility

    • Status: Planned for a future app update


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